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Kate Spade,Take The Leap Delicate Dragonfly Studs,Clear/Gold

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60 €
Kate Spade,Take The Leap Delicate Dragonfly Pendant,Clear/Gold
Kate Spade,Happily Ever After Tennis Bracelet,Clear/Silver
Kate Spade,Take The Leap Mini Pendant,Pink
Kate Spade,Take The Leap Statement Ring,Pink
Kate Spade,Take The Leap Studs,Pink
Kate Spade,Fleurette Line Bracelet,Multi

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75 €

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85 €

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110 €

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155 €

jewellery is one of the easiest ways to enhance your look and express your mood. our sale collection offers intricate pieces of jewellery including bracelets, watches, necklaces will help you create your unique look. don't forget to browse our range of sale handbags and clothing too.

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