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Kate Spade,Duchess Satin Pencil Skirt,Light Chartreuse
195 €
Kate Spade,kisses fluid skirt,skirts,Black
139 €280 € (50% off)
Drop Waist Faille Skirt, Black, ProductTile
Kate Spade,Taffeta Off-the-shoulder Jumpsuit,Cocktail,Black
209 €350 € (40% off)
Kate Spade,A-line Tweed Skirt,Pale Hydrangea
149 €250 € (40% off)
Kate Spade,Tonal Leopard Textured Skirt,Chartreuse Green
Kate Spade,Flower Bed Twill Pants,Blazer Blue Multi
149 €250 € (40% off)
Kate Spade,Awning Stripe Organza Midi Skirt,Sea Star/Ladybug
174 €295 € (41% off)
194 €325 € (40% off)

because skirts are wardrobe essentials, we make them in so many styles—midi skirts, maxi skirts, pencil skirts—and so many shapes and colors: flowy skirts, polished black skirts, flouncy skirts...and since you can't wear these colorful skirts on their own, be sure to see our collection of tops, knitwear, jackets and more.

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